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1-on-1, You and Me

I’m part coach, part accountability partner, part cheerleader!

I want to see you succeed, crush your goals, and surpass what you thought you could do!

I don’t stand on the sidelines, tell you what to do, and watch for failure.  I get in there with you, help you execute, and watch you soar!!

The world is yours … go claim it!!

Level 1 –

We meet twice a month, for one hour via video conference.  Each meeting you will receive notes, homework, and goals for our next appointment!  In between meetings, I’ll be checking up on your progress, and willing to answer questions or provide feedback as needed.

Level 2 –

We meet one a week – four times a month! This is intense … I expect you to work hard … and reap the rewards!

Both levels require a three (3) month commitment because results don’t happen overnight!

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