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Host/Join a Mastermind

Have you ever considered hosting or joining mastermind group? Some of us think of masterminds as really expensive retreats for high-level executives to get together and have fun in crazy ? amazing locations – and sometimes they are.

I’m here to let you know that mastermind groups are for business owners just like you and me. Joining a mastermind group can help you focus on your business goals, get ideas and support from other like-minded people, and learn new and innovative ways to do things in your business.

I am planning to host a mastermind group in Phoenix, Arizona in 2017 called the Alchemist Lounge. Each month we will introduce new topics, but most importantly we’re going to come together to be accountable to one another and work together on reaching our business goals in 2017.

Joining a mastermind group can include everything from cool destinations to just coming together consistently to discuss common goals. As a host, you can target by your industry or target by your level of business, or a common area such as marketing for small business. If your desire is to participate in a mastermind group, you can search Meetup or even Facebook for groups in your area and interest. There are even mastermind groups on Facebook, where people participate in great discussions about everything from finding your VA to Facebook ads to Marketing. There is a group for every level. I, myself, have fallen in love with The Six Figure Army and The Women Entrepreneur groups.