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If you are seeing this, you use Social Media. Now using SM for business opens you up to bigger and better opportunities. BUT …. some of the same rules of engagement apply!!

Reach out to folks that inspire you! They may or may not respond, but let them know you appreciate their content!

Connect with like minded people, like we mentioned on Day 4, join an online mastermind and meet new people in business that may like or need your services. 

Don’t great new friends or followers with an instant push to buy your product or service. Would you say hello to someone and instantly leap into your elevator pitch? Maybe you do, but understand that it can be jarring and you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Remember, when using Social Media, give more than you get. Don’t bombard your tribe with your product or service, make sure you include helpful tips, great articles, great content that will keep them coming back for more!!

Mix it Up —
Just like above, mix it up. Do include live video. Show your personality. Be social!!