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Grow Your Network – 5 Easy Steps (Step 1)

Dec 18, 20165 Steps, Business Tips, Networking, Relationship Building

Step 1 – Ask for Advice

Most people love to share what they know.  Did you ever wonder about how to build your list? What auto-responder folks are using? How they host their webinars? Which webcam should you buy?  Which webinar to watch? What software platform is best? The list goes on and on … and on.  If you post this question in FB groups, on Twitter, LinkedIn, make it a meme on Instagram … you will connect with those that are struggling just like you … or those that have already traveled the road you are heading down – you will start to Grow Your Network.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, send a text, ask a colleague … each time you talk to someone, you are making a connection! It may seem simple, but it is effective – and you get some valuable information!!  Also – the reverse works – if you are in a Facebook group, or scrolling LinkedIn, and someone asks a question – that you know the answer to – answer it, give them something to remember you by.  Win – Win!! Go Grow Your Network!!