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Grow Your Network – 5 Easy Steps (Step 2)

Dec 19, 20165 Steps, Business Tips, Networking0 comments

Book Recommendations


Have you read any good books lately? Sharing is caring! When you read a great book, share it with someone in your network! Send them a copy, if you can. Tell them why you liked the book, and why you wanted to share it with them. If you have a blog, write a review and share that info with your network. This is s great way to start a conversation, maybe schedule a time to sit and talk about that topic!


If you are looking for inspiration, ask for book recommendations. The good news, and the bad news, is that you will eventually have a long list of amazing books to read. In your ask, make sure that you ask for books in a particular study area or topic, that way you’ll get feedback from people with common or shared interests. This is an amazing way to start conversations and learn who has expertise or understanding in certain areas. This is a conversation starting gold mine.


I love ❤️ audio books!! Got any good ones? I’m currently listening to “The Art of Being Unreasonable” by Eli Broad.
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