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Just any planner won’t do …


A year ago, I fell in love with the Passion Planner – www.passionplanner.com (NOT an affiliate link).  Something about it spoke to me. A whole week on two pages, but with times so I could track my appts.  These lovely prompts that helped me plan my journey as I lived my passion.  You see, I love my Google calendar, but there is something super cool about writing it down.  Pen to paper – that is where the magic happens – for my anyway.  They have amazing covers, but I personally love the version I could print … not because it was free, but because I could use a loose leaf binder and add extra pages when needed!  I was reliving my late 90’s Franklin Planner days … but WAY BETTER!!  I encourage you to check it out.

I soon realized I needed a little extra space to keep my head in the game, to keep track of a few different details that my passion requires. So I created an add-on that I love … and decided I would just go ahead and share it with you!!  So just click the link … and it’s all yours.