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Social Media Brand Audit

Let’s take a look at your three (3) favorite or most used platforms and see if your brand is visible and consistent!

  • In-depth review of three (3) Social Media Platforms

  • 30-minute Video Consultation

  • Written Review with Action Steps

During our consultation we will discuss:

  • Can I recognize your brand from platform to platform?

  • Is your content representative of your brand?

  • Can I determine your target audience, without you telling me – just by reviewing your profiles on social media?

  • Is your product or service clear and easily recognized or understood?

Next steps:

  1. Once you complete the purchase of the Brand Audit – you will receive an email giving you the option to complete your part of the audit in an online form and/or downloading a .pdf version of the form.

  2. Once you complete the form, in it’s entirety, and hit the send button, or return it via email – you will get a link to schedule our consultation.

  3. I typically request at least 48 hours to review the information and your platforms.

  4. We then hop on Zoom – and talk it out – face to face! (Well sorta, it’s a video call)

  5. When we are done, I will send you the results of our conversation in a document … and cheer you on to success!!